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Now Winab is launching a folding wall made of glass. This is a product unique to us that we now provide worldwide. The glass wall is one of a kind and provides outstanding sound levels and an opportunity for flexible solutions which is something you wouldn’t get with any other wall.

The sections are built with two parallel flat glass sections in each element which contributes to a very high level of sound insulation for a glass wall, an incredible Rw 47 dB. Otherwise, the wall works in the same way as our other folding walls. The glass folding wall consists mainly of glass with a very thin aluminum frame. You can choose a frame made of natural anodized aluminium or black anodized aluminium. The glass is delivered transparent or with different kinds of décor so you have plenty of options when the glass is ordered specifically for your particular wall. Choose our glass folding wall when you want to utilise the light throughout the room.

You can divide a part at the back of the room while still maintaining full light and use the extra room for confidential conversations. As a teacher, you can have full view of two half-classes and in an office environment the premises are bright providing a luxurious impression. With Winab glass folding walls you obtain an attractive and modern environment suitable for offices, public areas or schools with fantastic soundproofing.

Why not combine different materials ? Since our walls are always customized there are all possibilities to get the wall that is best suited for the purpose. For example , you can combine one of our glass sections with veneer sections. If you want to let in the light , but avoid transparency , we have options for that too.

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